BuyByeRx ( is a program of FFF Enterprises, Inc., bringing together a community of buyers and sellers of pharmaceutical products.

A Community of Buyers & Sellers of Pharmaceutical Products

BuyByeRx is an online pharmaceutical marketplace that allows licensed healthcare providers to buy and sell excess and short-dated on-demand, critical-care, and over-the-counter drugs.


Discount Prices

Save big on brand name and generic pharmaceuticals and OTC drugs your patients need.

Personal Buying Assistant Notifications

Get notified electronically when products you need become available.

Customer-driven Innovation

Take advantage of FFF's unwavering commitment to customer-driven innovation through BioSupply, MyFluVaccine & our Verified Inventory Program-Consignment (VIPc™) program.

Buyer Benefits

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Move Products Faster

Avoid huge write-offs by selling excess and short-dated products, before they expire.

Overcome Inventory Challenges

BuyByeRx helps you overcome product inventory challenges like:

  • Stock rotation

  • Product demand

  • Generic product launches

  • National Drug Code changes

  • Pharmacy practice for short-dated and excess products

Seller Benefits


Find tips, recommendations and diagrams on how to ship products safely, and properly. Resources

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